Contest Rules
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1. Who is eligible?
Legal residents of the Ontario who are 18 years of age or older.

2. Where do I go to enter the contest?
Go to and click on the "submit photo" button on the main page.

3. What do I need to submit?
A Photo file must be submitted. In order to qualify for the contest, the photo file(s) can be in any size, and comply with the OFFICIAL RULES.

4. What types of files can I submit?

If your photograph is in any other format such as .raw or anything else, please convert to one of the acceptable formats stated above before submission. If the Photograph is not in one of the (JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF) formats, your submission will be declined.

5. What are the prizes and what happens if I win?
Participants will have a chance to win Thermapots, BioBrushes, Movie tickets & more awesome prizes. All winning prizes must be picked up at the Mustang Drive-In Theater with a winner picked every 2 weeks on the Friday. Winners will be picked by a selection of Judges that will qualify the most creative picture taken at the Theaters Grounds. (Day or night shots welcome) be creative and have fun. See OFFICIAL RULES for more details.

6. When can I submit? What is the deadline?
You may enter the contest starting May 30, 2011. You are encouraged not to wait until the last minute to submit due to large file size and heavy traffic on the site.

7. When will the winners be announced?
A winner will be picked every 2 weeks on the Friday.

8. How do I know if I can enter the contest?
All qualifications are spelled out in our OFFICIAL RULES.

9. How many photographs can I submit?
Each individual entrant is allowed UP TO five submissions.

5. What if I don't see my submission on the site?
Entries do not appear in the gallery right away. Usually, it will take about 24 hours to process through our initial screening. We will only be posting the photos of the winners. For instance, it may not have made it through the initial screening process based on obvious violations of the Official Rules. Make sure to read through the Official Rules carefully to see if your video stays within the guidelines of the contest. If you still have a question about your spot, simply send an email to and a moderator will get back to you as soon as possible. Please note that making it into the gallery is NOT a guarantee that your spot complies fully with the Official Rules - it just means that no obvious violations were identified during initial screening. It is also possible that a submission that makes it into the gallery could be removed in the event a rules violation is reported or discovered later.

14. What if I have trouble uploading my Photo/Photos? What can I do to troubleshoot the process?
A. Don't try to upload image files that have spaces in the filename. (Drive in.jpg = bad; Drive.In.jpg = bad; Drive_In.jpg = good; Drivein.jpg = good). Try to stick to the following characters when saving your file: A-Z, a-z, _, -.

B. Make sure your file type is one of the following: JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF. If your extension doesn't look like one of those four, you will need to convert your file. You can find free conversion software or conversion websites with a quick search.

C. Don't navigate away from the page or close your browser during your photo upload. Wait patiently for your photo to completely finish uploading. You can watch the progress of the photo upload in the progress bar. You will know your photo has uploaded successfully when you see the "Your Image Upload Is Complete" message.

D. If you have waited patiently and never received the "Your Image Upload Is Complete" message: 1) Double-check your filename to be sure it does not contain any spaces or special characters. Even if it doesn't, try renaming your file and uploading again. 2) Double-check your file type to be sure it is a . JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIF 3)Check your internet connection. Are you using a wireless router? Try plugging in directly using a LAN line. Do you have a firewall? Try temporarily disabling it. Are you still using a dial-up modem? Try finding a friend or public computer with a faster connection.

E. If you are still unable to upload your photo, contact the Moderator via email and ask if your file has been received. Be sure to include your username, file name, file size, file type and the browser you are using to upload the file. They will work with you to help troubleshoot the process.

Hopefully this helps out some of you guys who have been having some trouble getting your Photo up on the site as of late. Happy Crashing all!